The Case for Her

problem: Talking about menstruation is still largely a social and cultural taboo across the globe. Although menstruation is a normal, healthy part of life for menstruators, stigmas abound. Our goal is to get rid of this stigma in a way that encourages involvement from our audience in an incredibly empowering way.

print: striking images and understandable copy set the tone for the campaign.

landing page: a place where visitors can learn more about our movement and get involved themselves. #bandtogether

email newsletter: by signing up on the landing page users will have opted in to our newsletter. This newsletter is where they will be prompted to complete their registration and will be sent a “band together” headband. They become a part of the campaign and the movement.

product: a magenta headband will be sent to the women who sign up to be a part of the movement. It serves as a symbol that women are out doing all that they do unaffected by their periods. It will be a visual representation of our one in four idea.

digital billboard: real time twitter feed. By using the hashtag #bandtogether all women have the opportunity to get involved by sharing what they are accomplishing while on their period. This allows for greater exposure and an incentive to get involved.

global museum pop-up: at various museums across the world The Case For Her will take over certain walls that feature a woman artist, designer, engineer, scientist, etc. and highlight the fact that there was a one in four chance she was on her period while she created her work of art.