Sierra Club

problem: Climate change has been determined by most to be a real threat, yet not many people are doing anything about it. The largest contributors to climate change often live in areas that feel its effects the least. This makes it difficult for these people to act. To change this, we decided to show those people how climate change can “hit home” in a real ways that impact their daily lives.

print: striking images will peak the viewer’s interest. After reading the copy the reader will understand the problem is real and will affect them in a future that is closer than they may think.

social: Posts on social media will be simple. #WhileSuppliesLast will be the theme and the hashtag campaign. Photos that Sierra Club will post will feature a crop that is being impacted by climate change. Swipe right and you’ll see a devastated or non-existent version of that same crop. This will be striking and shareable.

new technology: augmented reality.

landing page: the landing page will act as the epicenter of the campaign. It is where all media touchpoints will direct the audience. It is here that we will be able to collect user data and allow for our audience to interact with our mission. They will be able to make real impact by seeing what each small thing they do does at scale in real time.

ambient: coffee at coffee shops, popcorn in theaters, wine at wineries, peanuts at a baseball game will be unavailable for a period of time. This impacts the users in a real way and gets the point across in a powerful way.

“Sorry, we’re out of coffee.” at Starbucks

“Sorry, we’re out of popcorn.” at the theater.

“Sorry, we’re out of peanuts.” on your flight.

“Sorry, we’re out of beer.” at the bar.

“Sorry, we’re out of wine.” at the vineyard.

“Sorry, we’re out of chocolate.” at See’s.